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On the small Division III liberal arts college campus, your daughter and her boyfriend were one of the power couples. When a campus boosts that 40% of their students are athletes it really is not that uncommon when one of the gymnasts starts dating one of the baseball players. Sometimes plagued by injuries and also negotiating busy workout schedules, these sports couples are busy. When the end of their four years finally arrives, however, there are many of them who not surprising consider a physical therapy, occupational therapy, or athletic trainer career. Having suffered through everything from meniscus tears to tennis elbow, some of these athletes have spent nearly as much time in the training room and rehab as they have in competition.

For your daughter and boyfriend, though, they have been fortunate to have pretty healthy and productive senior seasons. Both suffering injuries during their junior years, these two particular athletes were more than grateful for all of the meets and games that they were able to compete in.

Former Athletes Often Suffer from Many Long Term Aches and Pains

Even when they are finished competing many college athletes find themselves dealing with many repercussions of their years on the field, in the gym, or on the court. As a result, it should not be surprising that physical and occupational therapists alike are kept busy helping former athletes live long and productive lives. Whether you are seeking tennis elbow treatment or a solution to your loose ankles, there is likely a specialist who can offer suggestions. And while tennis elbow treatment often involves extended time off and other exercises, there are some ankle conditions that eventually require surgery.

Orthopedic doctors, especially shoulder pain treatment specialist see many athletes, and those patients who are not athletes benefit from the research and advancements that have helped athletes for years get the results that they want. Staying active as you get older can be a challenge, but with the right doctors and therapists former athletes and non athletes alike can often find both temporary pain relief and permanent solutions.

One very specific example of a doctor who offers specialized care is an achilles tendonitis treatment physician. Specializing in a certain type of injury, in fact, a doctor or surgeon may work with a medical team that has other equally specific skills. Even patients who have never played an hour of sports in their lives, however, can also find themselves in need of a specialist. For instance, the need for carpal tunnel treatment is very common in a time when so many of us are spending extended time at our computers.

Heart disease may be the number one cause of death in the U.S. but there are also many patients who are looking for care for less serious conditions. And while functional cysts may go away without treatment within six to eight weeks, it is not uncommon for an athlete to want faster results. Whether you are a former college athlete looking for effective tennis elbow treatment or you are an office executive seeking a way to be more productive, it is always important to seek out an experienced medical professional who specializes in the kind of injury that you have.

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