Can Watching TV Affect Your Health?

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We usually don’t realize that watching TV is not quite good for your health. It may be surprising and you may not want to accept it, but continuous staring at the TV imposes various health risks. Here are some of them:


Risk of heart diseases



According to a study conducted by Australian scientists, people who watch TV for more than four hours have an 80% increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Actually, these possible problems are often due to a sedentary life associated with television. Your body needs to move in order to function properly and long periods of time sitting in front of the TV deprive it from the necessary movement.


Risk of sleep disruptions


Typically, the light that the TV emits can stimulate the human body. However, it can reduce the amounts of melatonin which is usually in large amounts in the evening. All this may affect the body rhythm and may cause sleep disruptions. As well all know, lack of sleep has a serious influence on our health. In addition, low levels of melatonin are associated with early puberty in girls.


Risk of diabetes

In 2003 a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association claimed that watching TV for two hours increases the risk of diabetes. According to the study this risk is associated with the snacking while staying in front of the screen and the reduced physical activity.


Increased eye strain


We all have experienced increased eye strain when we watch TV for long hours or use a computer. This strain is especially stronger when you watch TV in a dark room.


Television is a modern invention that we use every day. However you should know it affects your health and imposes numerous health risks. That is why you should not stay in front of the TV for long hours.

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