No Matter When You Need a Doctor You Can Find One in Primary Care, Urgent Care, or the ER

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Primary care physicians or family practice doctors are needed for so many of the standard tests and treatments of everyone in the United States. There are also medical professionals available at urgent care and the emergency room for those sudden issues that require care at the drop of a hat.

Choosing Urgent Care Centers over Family Practice Doctors

Many reasons exist for choosing urgent care clinics over your primary care physician, mostly for the elimination of the wait to get in. The time it takes to schedule that appointment, when an injury may need urgent care, helps to make this decision. There are many experienced doctors available at these clinics, with the ability to provide prescriptions, tests, and recommendations to specialists if needed. If there are certain sports injuries like a sprain or strain, or maybe an illness with a sudden fever that could simply include cough and cold, there is much to visit the urgent care center. These centers are also able to treat many broken bones, or at least stabilize them in order to help with the long-term waiting that may occur before a needed surgery can be acquired.

Then, there is also access to the emergency room when more serious issues like heart attacks, severe bleeding, and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. It is important to remember the issue of waiting before rushing off to the emergency room for immediate care. If you or your relative do not have a severe issue then it may be a better idea to go to the nearby urgent care center for a recommendation. From there you may be able to gain immediate treatment, prescriptions, transportation to the emergency room, or a recommendation to a specialist who may be needed for full treatment.

Family Practice Doctors in The Urgent Care Center

There are many qualified and experienced medical professionals who work in urgent care centers that are open 24 hours a day. With many different issues that can occur at all times of the day, there is much to gain from having these centers located nearby and usually open at all times. Things like abdominal pain, respiratory trouble, insomnia, ADHD, ADD, and other family issues may be something that causes an issue late at night, but would not be immediately treated at the emergency room.

One of the additional features of the urgent care center is the ability to help addition detox and advising addicts in the detoxification process. While many addicts require the use of home detoxification, there is much to gain from the treatment of the medical professionals who are available at all hours in an urgent care center. Symptoms of addiction withdrawal, such as chills, goosebumps, and fever, can happen at any time, and the battle of detox is one that can often not be fought alone. Therefore, addiction treatment and detox processes are some of the key things that the urgent care facilities are able to help with, especially given the fact that these patients would often be avoided by an emergency room staff.

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