Papaya’s Health Benefits

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Papaya trees can be found everywhere in the tropical countries. They are really easy to grow but they have numerous health benefits and curing properties. Here are some important health benefits of papaya trees.

Papaya contains two enzymes: papain and chymopapain. Papain is similar to the protein digesting enzymes that are produces by the pancreas. They are able to dissolve the protein that accumulates around cancer cells and this helps the immune system destroying cancer cells more easily. Chymopapain is very helpful for breaking down of protein into amino acid. These amino acids can be then recombined to form protein which can be used by our bodies.

papayaFibrin is another beneficial substance that can be found in papaya. It reduced the risk of blood clots and prevents strokes. Also, fibrin improves the quality of blood cells and maintains a proper blood circulation.
Papaya is also rich in carotene and lycopene. They are powerful antioxidants and reduce the risk of cancer. They also increase the anti-metastatic activity of the immune system.

In addition, papayas contain vitamins C, E, and A, vitamins B, flavonoids, folate, potassium, magnesium and fiber. They all promote a healthy immune system and help to prevent ear infections, flu and colds.

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