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Raise your hand if you started a generic weight loss plan only to drop it after a few weeks? Maybe you started another one thinking it would be better for you? Is your exercise bike still collecting dust along with dumbbells and weights? Then perhaps what you need is not another generic weight loss plan but rather a personalized weight loss plan.

Losing weight has come a long way from the elusively simple task of healthy eating and a workout calendar. And while that certainly works for many, it does not work for everyone. It takes more than that, and clearly so when many, as much as 50 percent, Americans are unsuccessful due to the lack of self-discipline. It is more like cogs in a machine. For example, you might be eating right and exercising like you should be but you do not feel confident in your results. Perhaps asking friends and family to support you, like in 2016 when a survey was conducted by Mintel Diet Trends. It stated that 70 percent of their survey respondents agreed that their strong support system was a driving force in the success of their diet plans. Perhaps what 80 percent of dieters, looking to lose weight, are missing is that strong support system.

Reasons for losing weight falls under a large umbrella, clearly so when 54 percent of Americans are trying to lose weight, you would come across a colorful array of reasons. Have that new bikini but need to fix your winter bod? You just want to feel good about yourself? But more importantly, the health benefits outweigh the superficial. For example, does your family have a history of heart disease? Or maybe not but you want to reduce your chance? Losing as little as five to 10 percent has been scientifically proven to reduce that chance. Obesity in and of itself just causes a lot of health problems, so much so that it sits behind smoking on the list of preventable deaths.

Unfortunately, not everyone can lose weight at the drop of a dime, nor are our bodies built the same; some just require that extra mile, no pun intended. Personalized weight loss plans oftentimes employ the use of science. Yes, you read that right: science. And no, not the kind you hear on television asking you to down some strange powder and you will miraculously bulk up. Instead, medical professionals are employed to read your genetics because more often than not your genetic makeup can, and does, play a heavy role in your weight loss.

Regardless of your reasons, finding the right personalized weight loss plan could be that extra step you were looking for, putting you closer to a body you feel comfortable and good in.

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