The Multiple Uses for the Statim 5000

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The autoclave is an expensive piece of equipment that many have probably never heard of. The autoclave is a pressurized sterilizer that uses steam as hot as 270 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate most contaminants. The basic principle behind an autoclave was discovered in the mid-19th century by Louis Pasteur, who discovered that heating instruments to high temperatures can kill the bacteria that lingers on them. Autoclaves have a variety of uses and can be found in hospitals, tattoo and piercing parlors, and in the general medical industry.

A refurbished autoclave can be used as a piece of tattoo sterilizer equipment. Dangerous blood borne pathogens can linger on objects for up to a week after use, which is why equipment must be cleaned and sterilized between clients at tattoo and piercing shops. One model of autoclave that can be found in these industries is the Statim 5000 autoclave. Along with the Statim 5000 owner manual, these autoclaves can be purchased by companies that sell new and refurbished autoclaves.

The Statim 5000 is a larger model of autoclave than its predecessor the Statim 2000. According to the Statim 5000 owner manual, this model of autoclave uses a “cassette” that allows dirty instruments to be placed inside the machine to be sterilized and then safely removed once the process is finished. One of the advantages of the Statim 5000 is that while it is larger than the Statim 2000, it is still small enough to fit on a cart that can be moved about the room as necessary.

It is also important to regularly service any autoclave, including the Statim 5000, according to servicing instructions found in the Statim 5000 owner manual. If an autoclave is not regularly maintained, it can quickly stop working properly. And because the autoclave works with pressurized steam, a failure could be dangerous because it could lead to an explosion that could seriously injure someone. So regular maintenance is essential.

In conclusion, the Statim 5000 autoclave is an important piece of medical equipment that can be found everywhere, from the hospital to the tattoo parlor. The autoclave performs the essential task of sterilizing medical equipment by removing bacteria and bloodborne pathogens that subsequently make the equipment safe to be used again. If you work in the medical industry or even the tattoo industry, it is very important to have an autoclave among your equipment.

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