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Tips to Choosing A Bone Graft Delivery Device

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Bone graft surgery has become a common procedure in the medical profession with experts in the field recommending a bone graft surgery due to a number of reasons. It could be that the patient has several unhealed fractures or that a surgery is required after a joint replacement. Thanks to bone grafting technology, patients can now address issues related to bone health using an effective graft delivery system. Before a doctor attends to a patient with bone-related issues, it is important that they first identify the graft delivery device to be used during the entire treatment process. However, choosing a graft delivery system is not always automatic as there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration both related to the patient and the technology used.

Selecting the Bone Graft Material
In bone graft surgery, you will find that the bone graft delivery device is partnered with different bone graft manufacturers or to a specific manufacturer. There are three main types of devices for bone graft namely; synthetic devices, allograft devices and autograft devices. The effectiveness of the said devices depends on the concept of viable bone matrix. An autograft bone material relates to bones that are derived from the patient’s body. During the surgery, doctors conduct an analysis to ensure that the patient has a viable bone matrix for grafting. Allograft bone material on the other hand refers to bones that come from a donor. In this case, it is the viable bone matrix of the donor that is most important. Synthetic graft material refers to substitute material used in bone graft delivery system.

Bone Graft Delivery Devices and Technology
During a bone surgery, it is not just a viable bone matrix that is important. You need to consider the different options available before choosing the bone graft device. Three of the most used devices in graft delivery include the; bone funnel, syringe and the cannula. The first two medical devices are popular but there are people in the field who don’t know how a cannula works. The device is a thin tube that directs material to an intended area. During a bone graft surgery, it is recommended to have more than one graft device. Similarly to what is happening in other fields; bone grafting technology continues to evolve within the greater medical field. The recent developments are in gone grafting are meant to address key issues such as viable bone matrix. For example, the new delivery systems being developed are meant to address both pre-filled and universal options. Steps are also underway to have devices with tubes that have a viable bone matrix and cortical fibers.

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