Why Autoclaves are Important Pieces of Equipment

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The autoclave is one of the most important pieces of medical equipment you’ve probably never heard of. While an autoclave sounds like it’s made for a car, it’s actually a pressurized sterilizer used to thoroughly clean and sterilize medical equipment. The process behind the autoclave was discovered all the way back in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur, who discovered that high temperatures can kill bacteria. Because of this, autoclaves are standard pieces of equipment, not only in hospitals, but also in tattoo and piercing parlors, all of which require equipment and tools to be thoroughly sterilized.

The use of an autoclave as tattoo sterilization equipment might sound surprising but it’s actually very necessary. Bloodborne pathogens, which can be encountered during the tattoo and piercing process, can linger for up to a week after the fact, which is why all reusable tools need to be sterilized. It’s not enough to clean the equipment, because that doesn’t always get rid of bacteria and viruses, sterilization ensures the tools are safe to use again. Any reputable tattoo parlor should use an autoclave to clean its equipment.

Like any piece of equipment, autoclaves should be regularly tested and serviced to make sure they’re running properly. One of the biggest reasons an autoclave fails is because of improper maintenance. Improperly serviced autoclaves have the potential to be dangerous because the machine operates under pressure and has the potential to explode if not running properly.

But where do you find an autoclave if you need to buy one? Autoclaves can be purchased from retailers that sell new and refurbished autoclaves. For example, if you’re looking for parts for Statim 2000 model autoclaves, you could search in a store’s inventory and see what they have available. Autoclave repair stores can also sell refurbished parts for Statim 2000 models as well as other autoclave models (there are a wide variety to choose from depending on what you are looking for). If you need to purchase one for your business, purchasing a refurbished autoclave can provide a cheaper but still safe alternative.

In conclusion, an autoclave is a very important piece of equipment. It’s essential not only for hospitals but for tattoo and piercing parlors as well. Autoclaves can be found at retailers that sell new and refurbished autoclaves, the latter provide a cheaper alternative if price is an issue. No matter what it’s used for, autoclaves are vital pieces of equipment.

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