Why Go To Urgent Care? What They Help Treat

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While no one wants to be sick or get injured, occasionally it can happen that an illness or an injury occurs that requires a visit to urgent care. Urgent care is a walk in health clinic that specializes in providing care for illnesses and injuries that aren’t serious enough to warrant emergency room care. An urgent care does provide treatment similar to an emergency room, but it is usually in a separate building not attached to a hospital or medical clinic. The majority of urgent care locations are open seven days a week. A walk in health clinic like urgent care can also take care of treating a number of symptoms and injuries. Here are some of the symptoms that an urgent care can help treat.

  • Treating Sports Injuries: A walk in health clinic like urgent care can help diagnose and treat common sports injuries. These common sports injuries can include tennis elbow, hamstring strain, shin splints, and concussions, just to name a few. By going to an urgent care after receiving one of these injuries, it can often be possible to be seen, treated, and allowed to go home in a much shorter span of time than what you might experience if you went to a regular emergency room.
  • Treating minor illnesses: Urgent care can also help to treat common illnesses like swimmer’s ear, sinusitis, bronchitis, the stomach flu, and minor ear infections, just to name a few examples. While all of these can also be treated at a regular medical clinic or the family doctor office, the advantage of urgent care is that they are often available after the doctor’s office has closed for the day and, as a walk in health clinic, an advance appointment is not necessary.
  • Vaccinations and Testing: Urgent Care also provides necessary vaccinations and shots like the flu shot for walk in patients. These can include preventative vaccinations for those about to travel abroad, like the Hepatitis A vaccine or a tetanus shot. Urgent care can also provide blood testing to determine if patients have dangerous conditions like HIV or an STD.
  • In conclusion, urgent care can treat a number of issues and provide several services. An urgent care can treat common sports injuries, minor illnesses, and also provide necessary vaccinations and blood testing for patients who need them. Urgent care provides several necessary services.

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