Are You Getting the Eye Care You Need?

A lot of people in the U.S. are not getting the eye care that they need. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 61 million adults are at high risk for vision loss — but only half had visited an eye doctor in the last year. Although regular eye exams are a very important part of preserving your vision, too few of us are prioritizing our eye care.

For many of us, it’s easy to minimize this need when we aren’t experiencing issues. If it isn’t broke, you might think, don’t fix it. As a result, you might not get your annual eye exam if you aren’t struggling with your vision. Contrary to what you might think, eye care should be a part of your overall health care.

Why Do You Need an Annual Eye Exam?

Regularly-scheduled eye care visits, including an annual eye exam, can help to preserve your vision. Many people are surprised to find that they need eyeglasses to correct their vision. Once they get their eyeglasses, Meridian MS patients have reported that they are shocked by what they have not seen.

The brain is amazingly accommodating when your vision starts to deteriorate. That means you may not notice that something is wrong until you can no longer read the fine print and are having trouble seeing on a daily basis. The idea is to offset the problem as soon as possible by getting a local eye exam.

When Should My Child Have an Eye Exam?

Parents often wonder what age is the right age for a first vision exam. Experts agree that children should have their first eye care appointment at about six months of age. That exam should be followed by an exam at about three years of age, with another at about five years old before they start school.

Catching vision problems early on in children can ensure that their development is not hindered by vision problems. Of course, it also delivers peace of mind knowing your child’s vision is doing well.

Vision Does Not Improve On Its Own

In almost all cases, a vision problem will get worse with time. An annual eye care appointment with a local eye doctor can provide you with the early intervention treatment that can improve your vision and keep it from deteriorating further.

If you are opposed to glasses, in many cases you can get contact lenses to improve your vision. Your eye doctor is the best place to turn for solutions for your eye health. Do not neglect your eyes. Make an appointment to get the eye care your vision deserves.

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