How to stimulate hair growth

We all love a full, thick and long hair. And why not, it is often seen as a sign of good health and vitality. Most people want to grow longer hair and more hair at a faster pace. Although hair grows only one-inch each month, this largely depends on various factors such as genetics, overall health and how well a person takes care of his/her hair. There is no way to get longer hair overnight, but there are a few factors that definitely promote healthy hair. People experiencing hair loss or thinning hair often look for ways to improve the thickness and health of hair by seeking products to aid in stimulating hair growth. Given here are some simple methods to stimulate the follicle that would promote hair growth and produce healthier hair and relax your muscles as well.

Tips For Promoting Fast Hair Growth

* Mix 10 drops rosemary oil, 8 drops bay, 7 drops cedar wood to 50 ml jojoba oil. Apply to the scalp and cover with towel or shower cap. Leave it overnight. Wash your hair the next morning. Store the remaining oil in Amber bottle to prevent light damage.

* There are other essentials such as lavender, basil, nettle and lemon that can be used. Use an eye dropper to apply a few drops of each to the scalp. Massage over the entire head and leave it overnight. Wash out in the morning.

* Drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin and hair both healthier and more beautiful. Drinking enough water may not directly grow hair faster, but will prevent your hair from split ends and extra trimming.

* Exercise regularly to improve circulation throughout the entire body including the scalp. Increased blood flow means more blood and nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles.

* You can also increase blood circulation the scalp by stimulating your scalp with a daily gentle massage although; it may not produce the same results as exercise.

* Brushing, when done properly, has a number of benefits. Use a boar hair brush since the bristles are soft and gentle on the hair and scalp. Brushing stimulates the production of scalp oils that lubricate the hair and scalp. Do not brush in case you have oily hair as brushing can make your hair greasier.

* Keep your hair and scalp clean. Wash your hair regularly to remove dirt, debris and built-up oil residue. Shampooing your hair also cleans many clogged pores on your scalp that can inhibit hair growth. Washing the hair is also a good massage and stimulates the scalp and gives way to new hair to grow easily.

* Certain foods especially proteins help grow hair at a fast pace while other foods like saturated fats can slow down the growth of natural hair. Foods such as eggs, yoghurt, almonds, cashew and milk are good source of proteins that encourage hair growth. Vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals zinc and iron are also necessary for hair and are found in beef, spinach, yoghurt and fish.

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