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Do you agree that only a few people in the world are gifted with perfect poreless baby soft and smooth skin complexion without any problems? How many of your friends are? Not many, right? If you want to solve your skin, hair, nail, teeth problems there is a solution!

What Skintervention Guide is: It is a handbook that includes the secrets of beauty – from healing nutrition to skin care in all details. It is about good food and how it influences on your whole body and skin, hair, nails and teeth. It is about the regular skin care regime from cleansing to hydrating, moisturizing and nutrition.  It is about everything in-between. It includes cooking recipes and home-made, natural health-and-beauty advices to heal your body from the inside-out and the outside-in.

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Who this book will help: If you have any skin, nail, hair or teeth problems such as acne, eczema, breaking nails, hair loss or any other problem, or you just want to improve your knowledge about the proper nutrition and skin care, this is your book.

What about the author: Her name is Liz Wolfe and she is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. It means that she knows what, how much, when and why to eat. She is the creator of the blog “CaveGirlEats”, where she shares her experience and love of healthy lifestyle. She believes that traditional food (that occurs in nature) will decrease many of chronic diseases such as diabetics, heart and autoimmune diseases, and  will provide a healthy living that will improve your outward. She calls to respect the nature food and to be grateful for having it!

Our team’s opinion: Reading this book we starting to change our perspective about the food and nutrition. We highly recommend  to check out Skintervention Guide! It will help you find out the answers of all your questions about health and beauty living.

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