All for usage of bee pollen

Bee pollen is an unique mixture of the all pollens that the bees are picked up as they fly from one flower to another. It’s one of the most popular folk remedy for many healthy conditions. In that are PMS and enlarged prostate. It’s also used as an energy tonic.

Bee Pollen Uses

Despite its long-standing traditional use, there’s little evidence that bee pollen has any particular health benefits.

Some studies said the following benefits of bee pollen:

  • There is a small research that said that there are the evidences, to reducing some side effects of radiation therapy for cancer.
  • Other studies looked at an extract of bee pollen and found some benefits in men suffering from chronic prostatitis or enlarged prostate.
  • Another study found that a product containing bee pollen seemed to reduce PMS symptoms.

But there is need to do some research before to said that bee pollen in benefical for one or other condition. For example there is an evidence that bee pollen is not really hepful of boosting athletic performance or stamina. The many other uses of bee pollen – from increasing strength to slowing aging – are largely unstudied.

The bee pollen is good source of vitamins and as this it’s helpful for stamina and immune system. Note that bee pollen is not the same as other substances derived from bees – which are sometimes used as supplements – like bee venom, royal jelly, and honey.

Bee Pollen Doses

Since bee pollen is an unproven treatment, there is no standard dose. Some people use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of bee pollen granules daily. They gradually increase the dose up to 6 teaspoons. Ask your doctor for advice.

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