Beauty Products Contain Bacteria and Harmful Chemicals

Women buy conditioners, lip glosses, and eye creams in the hope that they will prolong Beauty Productsor enhance their natural beauty. In fact, women spend around $260 on cosmetics a year. The problem is that some products contain bacteria, formaldehyde, mercury, and preservatives. Bacteria develop in products such as mascara when used over a long period of time. These bacteria are actually found in the eyes and include streptococcus and staphylococcus. If left for too long, bacteria and fungus are found in mascara. Skin creams and lipsticks contain chemicals such as lead and mercury. In fact, reports by the Food & Drug Administration show that some beauty products contain dangerous levels of mercury. It is best to avoid products that include mercurio, mercuric, calomel, and mercurous chloride. The signs of poisoning include skin discoloration, pain, burning, itching, irritability, and memory problems. Other symptoms of mercury poisoning are shedding of the skin, insomnia, kidney dysfunction, and tremors. While mercury is found in anti-aging skin creams, many lipsticks contain lead. It is not clear how led improves lipstick, but some products contain high levels. The symptoms of lead poisoning include memory loss, abdominal pain, premature birth, and high blood pressure. Formaldehyde is added to hair strengtheners. The problem with this compound is that it is a carcinogen. Hair stylists and people who often use products with formaldehyde are at a higher risk.



In addition to these chemicals, cosmetic products also contain parabens, synthetic fragrances and colors, propylene glycol, and laureth sulfate. Synthetic fragrances are actually chemicals. They can cause respiratory problems, rashes, dizziness, and headaches. Hyper-pigmentation is also a side effect. While synthetic colors make cosmetics more appealing, some colorants are carcinogenic. Avoid products that are labeled as D&C or FD&C. There are different types of parabens, including ethyl, butyl, propyl, and methyl parabens. These chemicals cause skin rashes and . Some shampoos contain laureth sulfate which is a harsh, inexpensive detergent. It can cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, and eye irritation. This chemical is derived from petroleum and is best to avoid products that contain it.

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