Common Health Problems in Men

Men tend to be less concerned about their health by comparison with women, and this is one of the reasons why women have a longer life-span than men. Typically, men and women experience similar medical problems, but there are certain conditions that are more common in men.

The first most common male health issue is heart disease. In fact, this is the most common death cause among men about 30 years of age. Risky factors include smoking, alcohol consumptions, high cholesterol, sedentary life, etc. To avoid heart disease, men are recommended to exercise regularly, to eat healthy food and to limit alcohol and cigarettes.

Health Problems in MenLung cancer is another common health conditions that men face. This condition is equivalent to breast cancer for women. Smoking is the greatest factor that contributes to this disease. It is important to know that lung cancer can be successfully treated. To prevent it, men can quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke.
Cancer of the prostate glands is also very common male disease. However, if the problem is discovered early, it can be successfully treated.

Another common male disease is Type II Diabetes. It is characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Latinos are at a higher risk for Type II Diabetes.

Preventive medical exams are very important because many serious disease are absolutely treatable if found and diagnosed early.

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