Depression Signs

Depression is one of the modern plagues that affect numerous people all over the world. Very often people experience depression in various stages but they ignore the signs and keep going. Many people feel sad and nervous, but they don’t really know they suffer from depression. Here are five signs that should ring a bell in your head and signal you are depressed.

1. A feeling of sadness
In case this feeling continues more than three days, you need to find out why you feel so. If you don’t have family problems, if you haven’t lost a friend or family member, if you and your family are in good health, then this sadness probably signals depression.

2. Too much sleeping or insomnia
Stressful life and work may make you sleepy but you should overcome this in a few days when you get rest. If you continue sleeping too much and don’t want to go out of bed until noon, you should consider the problem seriously. Insomnia, on the other hand, sometimes occurs after too much sleeping. You may get restless but unable to sleep.

Depression Signs3. Appetite changes
These changes may include either loss or gain of appetite. Of course, you can lose appetite because of other reasons, but rapid weight loss should bother you. Eating too much may also signal depression because in most cases it is uncontrolled and people eat not to provide themselves with nutrients but to find some comfort.

4. Sudden crying
Crying without serious reasons is something you shouldn’t ignore. Very simple problems and situations may bring the tears and you may just start crying during a nice conversation with a friend.

5. Suicidal thoughts
This is a serious sign and if you experience such thought, you need immediate help.

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