Ditch Red Meat to Live Longer

According to a research study, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, red meat consumption increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular, and total mortality. You should not swear off all types of meat and protein sources, however. Good sources of protein include legumes, nuts, poultry, and fish.

The study confirms that red meat consumption increases the risk of certain cancers, stroke, coronary heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, said research fellow at HSPH and lead author An Pan. On the other hand, people who choose healthy sources of protein stand a good chance of living longer. Health benefits include lower mortality and chronic disease morbidity.


But why is red meat bad for your health? The research team has established that certain ingredients in meat increase the risk of cancer and CVD. Ingredients such as nitrites, sodium, saturated fat, some carcinogens, and heme iron are listed by the researchers.


Not everyone agrees. The meat industry claims that lean red meat fits into a healthy diet, and there is no link between cancer, processed meats, and red meat. A meat industry spokeswoman criticized studies relying on participants to recall what types of foods they eat. Studies like these cannot prove cause and effect. According to senior vice president of AMI Janet Riley such studies are nothing but statistical noise.


But many studies confirm the link between an increased risk of CVC and cancer and red meat consumption. One study followed 72,000 participants who ate a diet high in processed and red meats, refined grains, deserts, and French fries. The study found a link between eating a Western-style diet and an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and death due to other causes. As you know, Bill Clinton ditched red meat. How about becoming a vegan starting tomorrow?

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