Education of parents affects children’s development

A child’s development is based on parents’ upbringing. In their busy schedule if parents could find time to read to their children, it would be a wonderful experience and it would create a strong bonding for both parents and children.

Reading to kids molds them into readers which significantly increase their potential for academic as well as lifelong success. Developing a passion to read opens new worlds for children. By reading, children can acquire all the knowledge, skills and values essential for their success in school and in life. During early grades, their difficulties are quite embarrassing to them. The humiliation suppresses their motivation and self-esteem.

Do you want to :

– Learn to teach your baby read?
– Prepare your child for school?
– Give your child a strong foundation?
– Know how brain cells are developed?
– Stimulate your child’s brain cells?
– Develop your child’s potential?
– Teach your child that learning can be fun?
– Encourage family bonding?
– Use your time with your children wisely?
– Motivate your child?
– Cultivate the love for learning?
– Prepare your child for this competitive world?
– Develop your child’s 7 intelligence?
– Make your child a well rounded person?
– Take care of your child’s physical, mental & emotional needs?

Intellectual Development. Did you know these?

50% of the ability to learn is developed in the first four years.
30% by the age of 8
20% by the age of 18

Everything we learn later grows from the patterns established during these years.

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