Essential aromas for lover’s nights

Red roses, jasmine gardens and French perfumes are all symbols of passion and love. Our eyes, our sense of touch and our nose help us to get aroused. In clinical aromatherapy, we have powerful substances to help raise the libido.

These essential oils have been used for a long time, from the time of Cleopatra to our time. These essential oils come from the red petals, the fragile jasmine and other flowers and surprising ingredients that make us literally feel hot.

Getting hot
In order to raise our libido, we have to first raise our body temperature. The aphrodisiac essential oils are mostly warm, rich aromas, such as those that come from spices and certain flowers.

Let’s take a look at the most commonly used essential oils that may be able to improve your desire for passionate time with a loved one.

Rose. What can be more romantic than a rose, especially if it is red? The essential oil from red roses is a strong aphrodisiac. It is said that Cleopatra used to take bath with milk and rose petals.

Jasmine. The queen of the night in India. This wonderful fragrance has proven to have sensual effects in humans. The Fragrance and Flavor Association (based in New Jersey, USA) has found that it stimulates our senses without any negative side effects. This very expensive and rare essential oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years in India. Women in India use it in their hair at night so that their husbands will be drawn to them to make love. When elephants need some help to reproduce, it is said that the owners put jasmine oil on them to excite them. The fragrance alone, when it comes from good quality pure oils, is exquisite. Altered or artificial versions do not have the same aroma and effect.

Vanilla. The sweet aroma of vanilla also has aphrodisiac effects. It is subtle, but certainly it cannot be ignored. It was so precious to the pre-Colombian Indians that they considered it suitable for their Gods.

Ginger. This spice raises the body temperature and adds sizzling flavor to any foods and not many people will connect ginger and romance. It is used in creams for the bride to be in many countries in South Asia. The tangling flavor of ginger can be easily used to enhance the flavor of teas, drinks, and of course, Asian curries.

Ylang ylang. This floral aroma comes from China and other Asian countries. By itself, it is very sweet, sometimes too sweet, but combine it with other essential oils and it creates great blends.

Clove. Cloves also raise our body temperature. Cloves have a very distinctive and rich aroma. Combine with other aromas and it creates very rich fragrances.

There are many other essential oils that you can use to make you feel good and attract your partner. These are some of the best known and easier to use. You can use them in candles, oil burners, massage oils, bath oils, and even cooking, depending on your preference.


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