How to be beautiful on the summer

Oh those gorgeous days of summer, days of leisure and perfect time to enjoy nature. During summer, we show more skin and we want to look great doing it. This is a small spa-at-home program to keep looking great on the warm days.
Taking care of your feet
Using sandals and open toe shoes is so comfortable on a warm day. On the other hand, we have no choice but to show nice feet. Of course, a monthly pedicure with nail polish change is ideal, but if you cannot go to the salon, you can do a pedicure at home. And let me also add that even if you have a professional pedicure, it will last longer and look sharper if you regularly take care of your feet at home.

To protect the nail polish, apply a protective layer of transparent polish every three days or so. The polish on the toes lasts much longer than on the hands.

Use a feet file every time you come out of the shower; this way you will keep the heels really soft. Apply body lotion once or twice a day if you have rough heels.

An alternative to the feet file is a pumice stone. In addition you can use a weekly exfoliation treatment, you can make it at home.

Your feet will look perfect.

On your back
You probably do not want back acne or little bumps. If you have acne on the back (often-called backne or bacne), do not worry, you just have to treat it. If it is severe acne with inflammation, look for medical help. If you have just a few pimples, then treat them with the creams, such as OXY, that are used to treat acne on the face.

If you have little bumps, they are probably keratosis pilaris. You can improve it buy using a body lotion with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA); there are many with this ingredient.

Exfoliate your body
This will make you skin really soft. Read more about exfoliation.

The sun damages your skin, so do the self-tanning booths. The only healthy way is to be just pale (that is what dermatologists recommend to minimize the risk of skin cancer), and there is nothing wrong with this, or use a self-tanning product. You can either go to a spa to get it done or use a DIY product. Self-tanners give good results if you apply them right and select the appropriate color for you.


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