How to Deal with Poor Blood Circulation

Poor circulation is a condition which is characterized by insufficient blood supply to various body parts, commonly the hands and the feet. The most common symptoms of poor circulation include numbness in the hands and feet and tingling, changes in the skin colour – red, purple and blue in very severe cases, changes in the temperature in certain body parts, mostly manifested by cold feet and hands, long healing period of skin infections, cuts and sores, muscle cramps, etc.

Many people underestimate the occurrence of these symptoms. However, this is absolutely wrong attitude, because if no treatment is undertaken, poor circulation may cause varicose veins, heart failure, stroke, even amputated limbs. For this reason, you need to consult a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms.

blood circulationFortunately, there some measures you can take in order to deal with poor circulation. First of all, you need to change your lifestyle – stop smoking and exercise regularly. In addition, make some changes in your diet. You should avoid using condensed milk and products that contain it, as well caffeine, red meat and products with white refined flour. Garlic is very beneficial for poor circulation, so you should eat plenty of it. Add grape juice to your diet and consider the usage of herbal supplements. Ginko biloba, cayenne and vitamin E are recommended.

Massage is another great way to improve poor circulation. Usage of sauna or Jacuzzi is also very beneficial as they improve the blow of blood to the different body parts. Hot and cold showers are another method for improvement of blood circulation. Hot showers are followed by cold ones, but without extreme changes in the water temperature.

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