How to Prevent Spring Allergy

Spring is the favourite season of many people but most probably these people don’t have spring allergies. It is estimated that 35 million Americans get affected by spring allergies every year. Spring is the time when most people suffer from allergies because during this period the pollen count is the highest.

Spring allergies are signaled by the following symptoms: stuffy or runny nose, itchy and water eyes, congestions, skin itches and even difficulty breathing. Often spring allergies cause asthma attacks which are a reaction to the accumulated pollen in the lungs.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to prevent spring allergies. The first and most important one is to remain indoors when the pollen count is the highest. This usually happens between 5 and 10 in the morning, so people with spring allergies are recommended to stay inside during this period of the day.

spring allergyTo prevent spring allergies, you need to keep your windows closed as much as possible and avoid hanging your clothing outside. Also, you need to change your sheets often. In order to avoid pollen clinging to furniture and carpets, you should take a shower as soon as you come back home and wash your clothes.

Consider the usage of natural supplements that will make your immunity stronger. There are also special anti-allergic supplements that contain a blend of herbs, enzymes and nutrients, especially chosen to treat acute allergies.

In addition, you should take vitamins C because it reduces the levels of histamine in the blood and prevents the symptoms of spring allergies. You should avoid eating dairy products, sugar, wheat and rice, and add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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