If you are nature lovers – take a bird for pet

Bird watching directly connects you to an amazing environment where small feathered creatures twitter happily, try to keep their household running or flap their wings. This paradise compared to tensions of every day life can be seen right in your own garden so you do not have to travel far away to a wild life reserve, you are able to create your own sanctuary.

Bird watching involves detailed observations of looks, behaviors, sounds, and homes of different species of birds and their activities. Passionate bird watchers travel to all corners of the world .They make a detailed list of species to be observed in different places or at different parts of year. In the USA , for example over 50 million people have this hobby . If you are determined to do this relaxing practice as a pastime, you’d better read some useful tips which will make your experience more exciting.

You can enter the bird kingdom just by stepping out to your garden where you can find local birds flocking together everyday. Next step is to visit the local park where you will observe more variations of bird species . Later you will be ready to reach out remote areas for a larger exploration.

The best part of the day to observe is early morning. This is the time when you can see the highest number of birds because then they are at their busiest time of searching of food . The spring and autumn are the best times of the year for bird watchers as countless varieties of migratory birds fly southwards from the chilly north.
Every bird watcher must carry a pen, notebook, a field guide with photos and descriptions of variety of birds and a binocular. A spotting scope and a camera are the things which you will need when you mature in your experience.

There are numerous organization which look after interests of serious bird watchers like . Bird watchers can also take part in competitions like Bird Race in UK and Big Day in the USA.

Bird watching is a perfect hobby for everybody no matter age or gender, in solitude or in the company which is a way of learning about the rules of nature.

source:    http://www.petscomfortadvisor.com/bird_watching_an_ideal_hobby_for_a_nature_lover.html

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