Low-Carb Diets Could Make You Sleepy

Low-carbing is a weight loss plan and lifestyle for millions of people around the world. SLEEPINESSAccording to a new study, your diet may affect your level of sleepiness. Some of the participants in the study ate a diet high in carbohydrates while others consumed more fat. Those who ate high-fat foods felt sleepy after consuming low-glycemic meals.


Fatigue and daytime sleepiness affect an increasing number of people. A diet that emphasizes high-fat foods decreases alertness during daytime. Previous research has found a similar association between fat-rich foods and sleepiness. However, scientists note that there is no such association between alertness and protein consumption. These findings are important because the level of sleepiness may affect public safety and one’s ability to operate machines, drive, and function. Upping carbohydrates can help fight sleepiness during working hours.


Inattention and sleepiness can have an impact on one’s ability to drive and perform tasks that are more complex or prolonged. The same is true for repetitive behaviors and tasks that require concentration. Fatigue and sleepiness are responsible for many road accidents.  Driving and drowsiness are a dangerous combination. Similar to alcohol, drowsiness impairs judgment, decreases awareness, and slows reaction times. This increases the risk for road accidents. There are many signs of sleepiness, including lazy speech, blinking, difficulty focusing your eyes, and sore or tired eyes. Other signs include yawning, loss of alertness, difficulty following a conversation, and reduced ability to perform mental and physical tasks. What to do if you feel sleepy on the job or while driving? In addition to upping carbohydrates, you can take a brief nap during the lunch break. According to researchers, a quick nap (say 10 minutes) will make you more alert. It will also improve your reaction time and performance. Just keep it brief. A cup of coffee can also help you if you feel sleepy or tired. Just don’t overdo because caffeine may disrupt your nighttime sleep. It is best to avoid drinking coffee after 2 p.m. if possible. And have a candy or two. It will give you a boost!

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