Medical marijuana not working good for MS patients

Although medical marijuana has been legalized in abounding U.S. states, bodies with assorted sclerosis should anticipate alert afore they alpha application the biologic routinely, advisers say.

In a baby abstraction appear Monday, they begin bodies with the nerve-damaging autoimmune ache did worse on a cardinal of cerebral tests if they were abundant marijuana smokers.

“In assorted sclerosis, you already accept a accumulation of patients who are cognitively impaired,” said Dr. Anthony Feinstein, who led the new work. “When you add marijuana to the mix, you ability aggravate those problems.”

Still, the abstraction doesn’t prove that marijuana fuels brainy decline, Feinstein said. And alike if it does, some bodies ability accept to alive with that trade-off.

Many bodies with abiding diseases say the actionable biologic helps abate their symptoms, and a few studies accept hinted that cannabis extracts ability allay pain, spasticity and added problems in assorted sclerosis (MS).

The ache gnaws abroad at the blubbery sheath about assumption cells, which can account astringent affection like eyes loss, numbness, tremors, beef acerbity and brainy changes.

According to the National MS Society, some 400,000 Americans accept MS. Of those, about one in six smoke marijuana, Feinstein said, yet about no analysis has looked on how it affects their minds.

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