Second-hand Smoke can Cause Middle Ear Infections

A new study conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society in the Republic of Ireland suggests that the children whose parents smoke at home are at a higher risk of middle air infections than children who live in smoke-free homes.

The researchers found that the reduction of second-hand smoke in American home had results in reduction of the cases of otitis media, which is also known as infection of the middle ear.

child middle ear infectionIt is proven that smoke coming from a burning cigarette combined with smoke exhaled from a smoking person can increase the amount of unhealthy particles in the air, including nicotine particles and other toxins. These unhealthy particles are responsible for numerous health problems.

Infections of the middle ear are the most common cause for visits to the medical practices among children. The treatment of these infections causes between $3 billion and $5billion. In 1975 the visits to medical practices by children with otitis were 9.9 million. Their number had increased to 24.5 million in 1990.

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