Selenium may be your prevention against bladder cancer

There is a study, whill was published in the December issue of Cancer Prevention Research, that was be of the American Association for Cancer Research. In those jurnal is saying that the element selenium, a trace mineral found in grains, nuts and meats, may aid in the prevention of high-risk bladder cancer.

The researchers which make the revolutional study, are from Dartmouth Medical School, and they compared selenium levels in 767 individuals newly diagnosed with bladder cancer to the levels of 1,108 individuals from the general population. And the finaly findings showed an inverse association between selenium and bladder cancer among women, some smokers and those with p53 positive bladder cancer.

There was no inverse association it the whole study population, but the women or in their 34 percent, moderate smokers about 39 percent, and those people with p53 positive cancer (43 percent) had significant reductions in bladder cancer with higher rates of selenium.

The corresponding author Margaret Karagas, Ph.D., and professor of community and family medicine of the Norris Cotton Cancer at Dartmouth, sait that there are different pathways bladder cancer evolves and it is thought that one of the major pathways involves alterations in the p53 gene.

The other studies have the goal to show connection between selenium and bladder cancer in women, but those particular study, shown the association between selenium and p53 positive bladder cancer.

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