Some homemade natural creams and products

Rose Cream for Day Use

* 6 fl. oz. Almond oil
* 2 oz. Beeswax
* 1 heaping tsp. anhydrous Lanolin
* 1 tsp. Borax dissolved in 4 fl. oz. Rosewater
* 2 tsp. Zinc Oxide rubbed into a smooth cream with 4 fl. oz. Almond oil
* 10-20 drops oil of Rose

Quantity: Makes enough for about three 4 oz. cream jars.

To Make: Heat the beeswax and the lanolin gently in a water bath. Do not let the wax simmer or burn. Remove from heat and add the Almond oil slowly. Add the zinc oxide-Almond oil cream beating the mixture continuously. Add the borax-Rosewater and beat until cool. Add enough oil of Rose to scent the mixture to your liking. Beat until cold with a small wooden spoon. Pour into three 4 oz. cram jars and let sit until solidified.

To Use: This makes an excellent everyday cream that can be used under makeup or as a moisturizer. Simply rub gently onto face, hands or throat. As a throat moisturizer the cream is excellent, especially when rubbed in with a large marble or small avocado pit. rub in gentle circular motions while looking up into the sky, thereby stretching and stimulating your neck muscles.

Why: Almond oil replaces necessary body oils; Rosewater is a gentle astringent and moisturizer replacing liquid to the cells and tightening the skin; lanolin is a potent emollient and very much like human oils; borax is a skin softener and will help to produce a very white cream while its disadvantage is that it often adds a grainy texture; zinc oxide is useful for healing reddened, sore or irritated skin.

Rose Eye Wash for Sore, Tired or Irritated Eyes

* 1 oz. Rosewater
* 8 oz. Water
* 9 Rosebuds

Quantity: Makes 3-8 eye or face washes.

To Make: In a small covered enamel pot, bring the Rosebuds and water to a slow boil, lower the heat, remove the cover and simmer for a minute or two until some of the water boils off. Strain out the liquid into a clean container and refrigerate. When cool, add the Rosewater to 4 oz. of the herbal liquid. You must use this liquid within 3 days.

To Use: Rinse your eyes whenever necessary using this fluid with either an eyecup or the hollow of your palm.

Tip No. 1: You can also add 1 oz. Rosewater directly to 4 oz. of distilled or boiled water, without using the Rosebuds called for above and bottle the liquid. This will not spoil and may be used at your leisure.

Tip No. 2: Rosewater may be purchased at any old-fashioned pharmacy, herb or nutrition store and in most fine liquor stores (Rosewater is often used in fine mixed drinks). You might also find it available in Turkish or Middle Eastern specialty shops.

Rose Oil and Honey Facial Mask

Rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Sweet almond oil, which is light and easily absorbed, softens and nourishes skin. Honey as natural humectant, moisturizes, leaving even tired skin incredibly smooth.

* 2 T Honey
* 2 T Sweet Almond oil
* 5 drops essential oil of Rose
* 1 drop Vitamin E oil

Mix honey, sweet almond oil and essential oil of rose.

Massage onto clean face and neck with fingertips. Relax for 15 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Gently pat dry to reveal a fresh, soft complexion.


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