Special cares for old dog

Arthritis is an ailment for both humans and dogs when they become older and need assistance like less stairs, special furniture and beds. By the years their joints and bones become weaker and they will be happy with special furniture to ease the discomfort and limitations they experience when they are old.

You should consider what small things you could do against discomfort your aging dog is experiencing. Their vision and hearing start to fail, dog’s joints get sore and stiff. They control their body functions with difficulties and it is no wonder if they need diapers or pads.

There is a wide selection of furniture available for aging pet as well. The older matress your dog has always slept on for years, may not be sufficient or comfortable now.

Observe how he gets in and out of the bedand how much time he spends on the bed. There are special furniture items which can correct the problem with older dogs because they have ate a more comfortable space.They are specially made for those dogs who have aching muscles and joints because they have heated matresses, extra padding, cooling matresses and other special feathers.

Also there are pet stairs, some of them portable which you can use if your dog wants to hop up on chairs and sofas because he likes looking out the window or because they have used to sleep with their owners. These stairs can help the dog get in and out of the car. There are so many clever tools in the specialty shops.

Healthy Senior Dogs

Start when your dog is still young if you want your dog to lead long and healthy lives. First you should ask your veterinarian to perform physical exam, a fecal and blood exam and a urinalysis. This baseline examination will help the vet determine what is your dog health condition. The proper age for this is when your dog is 6 years old.

It is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association to do this exam twice a year because frequent exams can catch changes in dog’s health status as canine friends grow faster than humans. If the illness is determined early it will be successfully influenced by treatment and the recovery will soon be achieved. These semi-annual exams detect health problems which you may not notice as dogs can’t tell if something is wrong with them.

Older dogs require diets higher in vitamins and fiber and lower in protein and fats . Try to keep your dog’s weight within normal limits by exercising him frequently. Exercises are beneficial for dogs digestion, muscle tone ,joint flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and mental health as well.

What Physical Signs You Should Observe To Know If Your Dog Has Any Problems:

Dog breaths badly;
He gets tired easily;
Dog changes its appetite, the amount of drunk water;
You notice changes in urination;
During exercises your dog coughs;
Dog gains or loses weight;

You find bumps or lumps under dog’s skin.

What Behavioral Signs Should You Observe To Know If Your Senior Dog Has Any Problems:

The Dog Acts Towards Family Members Differently;
Its Sleep Cycle Is Altered;
Bad In House Training;
Dog Has Unusual Irritability and Fearfulness;
Dog Shows Disorientation And Confusion.

source:   http://www.petscomfortadvisor.com/dog_furniture_old_dogs_require_special_care.html

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