St.Tropez One Night Only Instant Body Lotion

You can’t wait for the summer to get that sexy bronzy look!? Or you want sun-free chocolate tan during the whole year!? Now, you can get it just in just a single night!one-night-only

What it is: This is a transfer-resistant DHA-free lightweight cream that gives you an instant, even and glowing caramel golden tan.

What it does: It gives you one night bronzer transformation. Thanks to its transfer-resistant ingredients you can apply-and-go.

Is it safe: It is DHA-free, so using St.Tropez One Night Only Instant Body Lotion decreases the risk of asthma, skin irritation and even cancer.

What is in it: Main ingredients are: Caramel (which gives you that sun-kissed tan), caprylic/capric triglyceride (it gives you that silky smooth light sensation when you apply), Jojoba seed oil (it gives you rich moisture to your skin, making tanning easier and even).

How to use it: Before applying it exfoliate you skin very well. For an even coverage use latex gloves or applicator mitt. We recommend to do a patch test before using the product. Make sure that you are not hyper-sensitive to some of its ingredients.

Our team review: We love that product, because it provides fast and easy tanning. It has a smooth silky-soft formula that gives you an enjoyable feeling when apply it. Its jojoba oil awaken your senses for new sensations. It is tan-and-go product, so you should not wait to be absorbed by your skin. You can wash it off every time you want using St.Tropez Wash Off. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have. It looks amazing in every skin tone!

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