The five worst ways that the cigarettes affect you

To quit smoking is not such a drama. The human body don’t need really nicotine, in contrast of the need of the food and water. If you still not so sure that your body is can handle, I give you a five scary condition that are result of the smoking.

Bad skin.  The smoking is restrict the blood vessels, and for that reason, it can be stop the flow of the oxygen to the skin. In the result of that, the skin suffer and become bad at view and touch. In some cases, the smoking is close connected to the obstinate psoriasis.

Bad breath and tobacco smoking. Cigarettes leave smokers with a condition called halitosis, or persistent bad breath.

Bad-smelling clothes and hair. Everyone know that the clothes and hair are such a magnet for bad smells. It’s no much different with the cigarettes smells.

People who smoke usually can’t compete with nonsmoking peers because the physical effects of smoking (like rapid heartbeat, decreased circulation, and shortness of breath) impair sports performance.

Smoking affects the body’s condition to produce so important element for the skin – collagen, so common sports injuries, such as damage to tendons and ligaments, will heal more slowly in smokers than nonsmokers.

Increased risk of illness. Studies show that smokers get more colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia than nonsmokers. And people with certain health conditions, like asthma, become more sick if they smoke (and often if they’re just around people who smoke). Because teens who smoke as a way to manage weight often light up instead of eating, their bodies also lack the nutrients they need to grow, develop, and fight off illness properly.

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