The Worst Chemicals in Makeup and Beauty Products

While many manufacturers advertise their products as organic and 100 percent natural, this is not always the case. ToxicThere are many ingredients and chemicals to put on your watch list. Check the label for copolymer, leads, emulsifiers, coloring ingredients, and other synthetic and harmful chemicals. Chemical compounds such as petroleum and formaldehyde are sometimes added to beauty products and cosmetics.

Some brands of lipstick, for example, contain lead. Other products with lead include whitening toothpastes, sunscreens, and synthetic nail colors. Long-term exposure to lead can cause adverse effects and increases the sensitivity to different allergens. Dibutyl phthalate is another substance that gives varnishes a smooth and shiny look. This is a toxic substance that is banned in Europe and is used to manufacture different consumer products, paints, and plastics. It is dangerous for the environment and human health. In fact, many companies use it or hold patents to use dibutyl phthalate in products such as hair and skin enhancers, facial moisturizers, conditioners, and hair tonics. It is also found in gelled antiperspirants, deodorants, hair care products, and cleansers. Companies such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, Kraft General Foods, and Colgate Palmolive hold patents or use DBP.

There are other toxic and harmful substances in personal care products that cause allergies and other health problems. It is important that pregnant women avoid cosmetic products with triethanolamine and diethanolamine. They are added to different types of emulsifiers. According to industry experts, diethanolamine has carcinogenic properties. Other products contain chemicals such as arsenic, zinc, and mercury. Zinc, for instance, is found in some brands of moisturizers and contributes to pore clogging.

Other chemicals that are used in cosmetic products include artificial colors and fragrances and alpha-hydroxy acids. The list of harmful chemicals is long, with moisturizers, lipsticks, and shampoos causing changes at the cellular level, allergic reactions, skin rashes, and other health problems. Some chemicals are inexpensive, and manufacturers use them to preserve deodorants, conditioners, lotions, and other products. The problem is that they may cause fertility and other problems.

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