When is time to wean your baby

Maybe like any other new mom, you are asking yourself when is time to wean your baby from bottle feeding? It should ask your pediatric about that, becouse he or she don’t tell you otherwise. The doctors advice a new parents to stop feeding its baby with bottle about by age one year.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents wean healthy children from bottle feeding by age 15 months. Many new mom and dad, don’t accept the tips ot the doctor, and continue with feeding of their child with bottle two or three times longer. A pediatrician at St. Michael’s Hospital, dr. Jonathon Maguire,  said that the wean of bottle should be done on an younger age of the baby, below two years, becouse, in that time, the  children’s behavior is more easily modified.”

And why in precise this is necessary to do in early age of child? Another pediatrician, dr. Patricia Parikin, said that “We and others have previously found an association between prolonged bottle feeding (beyond 16 months) and iron deficiency.”

Then the doctors make a research and found that the children who drinks a milk and juice from the bottle, to late age of the others babies, are fortified with iron.

The deficiency of the iron, this importan element, is connected, according the pediatricians, with behavioral problems, developmental delays, poorer achievement in school, and in rare cases, stroke. Beyond iron deficiency, children who stay on the bottle too long are at greater risk for tooth decay and obesity.

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