You are newly in cat’s care? Read this

Cats are not furry little people walking on four legs as some people think, they are felines with their natural instincts for hunting and stalking prey.

Cats are very active athletic creatures and very curious so they need to be stimulated with interactive toys.They also need safe places to climb and explore. Keep indoors your kitty all the time if you do not have an outside area where there is no risk of escape or danger. Doors and windows at your home should have a heavy screen safely latched to the frame. Replaced all loose or worn out screens.

Call to the vet for a thorough exam if you see any abnormal or inappropriate behavior. Once the vet rule out health issues, then you can take an honest look at the behavior of your kitty. Is it inappropriate litter behavior? You should see the litter box to be sure that it is clean Remove all solid waste every day. If you have more than one cats you should have Provide one litter box for each cat at home.

Is your cat scratching on your couch? Then you should provide a scratching post! But before this observe cat’s scratching behavior to see if she prefers an upright post or flat on the floor. If your cat likes stretching upward , then buy a tall, sturdy, column-type post covered with sisal or carpet. If your cat stretches outwards, buy a scratching mat which is flat on the floor.

There are a lot of people who use water bottles to spray their cats into behaving.You can use other not so much drastic ways to get her attention. Wash out and dry an empty sod can. Put some coins in the bottom and shake it vigorously. Most cats immediately cease and desist whatever they are doing.

Sadly, many people still yell at a cat or even hit it to stop inappropriate behaviors. These methods are extremely cruel and can possibly make the behavior worse. Don’t!

You can easy solve most cat behavior problems only for the tough stuff, you can ask help from the experts.

Remember these:
Cats are not dogs or little people – they are cats;
Blame health related issues for behavior problems;
Buy your cat plenty of interactive toys, scratching posts and climbing stations;
Do not punish your cat , don’t yell at her or hit her. Ask for help from the experts if all else fails.


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