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Product ReviewsLadies, do you agree that every woman is looking for the perfect product for herself. Have you ever wondered what is the perfect foundation for your skin tone, the perfect moisturizing cream for your skin type, the perfect nail polisher or the perfect outfit for your girls’ night out? If you say “YES” so you are in the very right place!

Our mission

We know that how you look influences the way you feel about yourself. Cosmetic companies and retailers know this very well too. Today, there are millions of beauty products by thousands cosmetic brands on the market sold to women, and thousands of new products launched every year. It is very difficult to make the right decision among so many products on the market. That’s why we are here – to make your choice easier.

We provide authentic information about the social, health and environmental performance of products and companies we present. Our mission is to facilitate our consumers make the best decisions that reflect their values and preferences. We believe and hope that high quality and exhaustive information can transform the marketing – more consumers buy better products, more merchants and manufacturers meet the inspiration to make products that are safe, high qualitative, environmentally sustainable and produced raw materials and labor using ethical sources.

Our team

To answer the consumer marketing’s need for more detailed and qualitative information, we get a team of beauty experts together to collect and organize the products information. We are working together to acquire and assemble high qualitative information, which we organize and convert into accessible data for our consumers.

Our beauty reviews

In our beauty reviews you can find out which product matches you best. Take a look in our product lists and forget about doubts! Most of the products, which we review, are tested from our team. Besides the very detailed description of the products, you can find out our team’s personal opinion. Of course we will be very glad to see your personal opinion about your favorite product or your negative feedback about some product that didn’t meet your expectations. Our mission is to help you find the best products for you and take the brilliant care of your outward and self confidence. In our beauty reviews you can:

–          Search the product that fits you best.

–          Find a very detailed information about description, ingredients and price of the products. Description guides you if the product response to your personal needs. Ingredients shows how safe is the product and your skin’s tolerance.

–          Find out our reviewers’ personal experience. Our team test most of the products and share with you their personal opinion.

–          Read our subscribers’ experience. To have more objective view about the product you can read our subscribers’ posts.

–          Share your personal experience and leave a comment below about your positive or negative impressions about the products.

–          Find the best-selling products from every category. This will help you in your choice.

–          Choose the best present for your family and friends. Take a look in our products categories and write in the description box what kind of a product your family member/friend need.

–          Ask our team about the products that you are interested in. We provide a unique combination of reviews and ongoing product development, that encourage women all over the world turn to us for equitable,  objective and concrete information about what works and doesn’t work for their skin. We would love to do our best for you!

Our products

Our products are divided into 5 categories:

  1. SKIN CARE – Here you can find everything about skin care products – from moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing products to lightening, anti-acne and anti-wrinkles cosmetics.
  2. BEAUTY PRODUCTS  – Here are make-up and beauty stuff for your sophisticated and glamorous look. Enjoy your journey through invisible foundations, mysterious mascaras, chic blushes and irresistible lip-glosses.
  3. BIO/NATURAL PRODUCTS – Take care of mother nature and use no animals testing products and eco-friendly products. They provide very delicate skin care and are especially appropriate for sensitive skin.
  4. FASHION/STYLE – Are you looking for the perfect outfit for the office, a family dinner, a party or some special event? We are here to help you find the best one!
  5. BOOKS – Keep your mind fresh and never stop learning! Get our best-selling books!

Our reliability

We earn revenue from companies that purchase products we advertise. We guarantee that neither our business customers nor our investors have influence our ratings. Our business customers want to associate with the influential consumers who use us for shopping advise, so we provide advertising that allows a company to popularize its program or to obtain priority placement for a product as a high scoring alternative on competing product pages . Our advertising content is always marked as sponsored.

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