A Diet According to the Blood Type

There are four different blood types: O, A, B and AB. The people with different blood types should follow different diet plans in order to maintain healthy weight. Below are some recommendations for the various blood types.

Type O Blood

People of this blood group should reduce the consummation of grains and dairy products. The main cause of weight gain is gluten. The type O blood people should consume more animal flesh and vegetable, including lean beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, seafood, beans, kale, and greens. Exercises are also beneficial for these people.

Type A Blood

diet blood typeType A blood people should focus on vegetarian meals and should limit the consummation of dairy products and poultry. Their diet should include raw or steamed vegetables, lentils, beans and whole grains. Yoga, walking and meditations should be part of their daily routines.

Type B Blood

The people of this blood group have a strong immune system and their diet plan is more diverse compared to the other blood types. Seafood, lamb, beef and dairy products are suitable as well as oats, millets, green vegetables and fruits. Exercising is also recommended, and should include cycling, tennis, and swimming.

Type AB Blood

AB blood type is the most complex of all four blood types. The people of this group should eat lamb, turkey, eggs, dairy products, rice, plums and cherries. Yoga is the perfect exercise for this group, but moderate physical activity, such as swimming or tennis, is also beneficial.

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