Three Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest and happiest periods for all women. However, if you need to take a good care for you and the baby in order to keep both of you healthy. You may find it useful to follow three tips connected with food, drinks and exercising, which will help you maintain your health during the whole pregnancy.

1) Eat balanced and healthy food

Healthy PregnancyProbably you have heard the saying that pregnant women should “eat for two”. Actually, this isn’t necessary, but you need to follow a balanced and healthy diet. This means you should consume lots of fruit and vegetables which provide vitamins and minerals; bread, rice and pasta which are sources of carbohydrates; fish, meat, eggs, nuts, dairy foods which are rich in protein.

2) Avoid alcohol and caffeine

It is scientifically proven that large quantities of alcohol affect the fetus and can bring serious problems for the newborn baby. Coffee, tea and cola can also have negative effects on the fetus. Their influence on the fetus is not clear yet, but some experts believe that such drinks increase the risk of low birth weight baby. It is recommended to not consume alcohol or caffeine during the pregnancy or to reduce their consummation to minimal quantities.

3) Exercise regularly

Exercises have numerous benefits. They will make you stronger and will improve your endurance which is very important during pregnancy as you have to carry the weight you gain. In addition, they can help you manage the physical stress associated with this delicate condition. And don’t forget that if you exercise regularly while you are pregnant, it will be much easier for you to get back into shape after you give birth. Pregnant women are recommended to do gentle exercises such as walking, swimming, and yoga.

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